In partnership with the Vita Institute, physiotherapy and orthopedic care are offered free of charge to those who have a greater load of classes, rehearsals and presentations. Medical consultations, exams and other procedures are scheduled directly with the institute's central office without any costs.

Instituto Vita was founded in 2000 and today has an integrated and multidisciplinary medical team composed of more than 25 orthopedic doctors and more than 100 professionals from other health areas: physiotherapists, occupational therapists, physical trainers and dentists. The Institute's focus is on orthopedics and rehabilitation with the aim of treating and preventing injuries.

The partnership between Ballet Paraisópolis and Instituto Vita aims to prevent, treat and ensure the well-being of all our students. We argue that a dancer needs to improve not only technically but also physically and emotionally. Body and mind must be in constant tune, decreasing the risk of injury and improving their performance potential.

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