In 2017 Ballet Paraisópolis created the project English Without Barriers in partnership with Global Talk. It aimed to offer free language classes to a group of students, equipping them with a strong language education and encouraging their search for better life opportunities.

In order to increase the number of students benefited by language classes and offer a better class structure, Ballet Paraisópolis started a new partnership with Cultura Inglesa in April 2019. They are the largest English school without franchises in Brazil, which has been operating for 85 years in the market. Altogether 70 scholarships and teaching materials were offered to students who can attend weekly classes of an hour and a half in duration. The classes take place at the Paraisópolis Cultura Inglesa branch located in Paraisópolis Community.

Learning a new language allows our students to access a wider range of opportunities and breaks down several barriers for their future. With the support of these projects, we provide free access to education to our students and promote their development as global citizens.

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